Suspension Maintenance

Suspension forks and shocks are some of the most important components on a mountain bike. The suspension elements not only absorb shocks, but also ensure a safe ride. These components are subjected to extreme loads and weather conditions. They compress and decompress several times per second and must withstand rain, mud, sand and temperature changes.

As a result, suspension forks and shocks need regular maintenance to prevent wear and tear and malfunctions. Not only will seals and wipers wear out, but the damping and lubricating oil will also lose its effectiveness. Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure long life and reliable operation of your suspension components.

Here is an overview of how we handle your suspension service:

Suspension fork service including SKF tuning seals on Marzocchi suspension forks:

1) Functional test and visual inspection
2) Professional disassembly of the fork into its components
3) Cleaning in the environment and material friendly Biocircle bath
4) Professional reassembly and replacement of seals
+ With indication of the rider's weight I adjust the oil level of the fork
5) Professional reassembly and functional test

Rear shock service:

1) Upon acceptance, the shock is tested and professionally disassembled.
2) Environmentally friendly and professional cleaning with Bio-circle cleaning device
3) Receives tuning seals and damping oil of the latest generation
+ Optional tuning of compression and rebound possible (shimstack tuning)
4) Nitrogen chamber is filled and adjusted on request
5) Professional reassembly and functional test

Which products are used for the service?

Seal kits are the heart of any service. Our service kits are not replicas of the original - we raise the bar! An example of this is the consistent use of quad rings as dynamic seals. Smacking or lack of lockout is one of the most common service reasons for shocks - nitrogen has gotten into the oil chamber through the separating piston seal. When you compare an original O-ring, which is commonly used, to the quad ring we use, it is not surprising.

How do I send my shock in for service?

Send in the fork or shock in proper packaging including a sheet with return address and contact information (email/phone) !

Oliver Perleberg
Siegfriedstrasse 17
Berlin 10365

Once we have received your shock, we will send you a confirmation email with the current processing time for your service.
Once the service is completed, we will send you an invoice by email.

- Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer.

After we receive your payment, we will send the serviced shock back to you via DHL.

Do we offer a warranty for our service?

For this service, we use specially developed tuning seals to improve performance, sealing and service life. We offer 6 months warranty on all seals and 24 months on all assemblies.