Shock Service

Oil or air loss? Munching in the damping? Pro pedal without function? Then this service is just right!

Suspension forks and shock absorbers are among the most important components on a mountain bike. The suspension elements not only absorb shocks, but also ensure the necessary riding safety. These components are exposed to extreme loads and weather conditions. They spring in and out several times a second and have to withstand rain, mud, sand and temperature fluctuations. As a result, the suspension forks and shock absorbers require regular maintenance, otherwise high wear and tear and malfunction will occur. Not only the seals and wipers wear out, but also the damping and lubricating oil loses its efficiency. Only regular maintenance guarantees a long service life and reliable functioning of your suspension elements. For many years we, RadserviceBerlin, have been offering a complete service for suspension and damping components of all types of bicycles (mountain bikes, trekking and touring bikes). We are the ideal partner for all matters and problems concerning suspension forks and dampers.

What do we do with the damper service?

- Upon acceptance, the damper is tested and professionally disassembled.

- environmentally friendly and professionally cleaned with Bio-circle cleaning device

- gets tuning gaskets and damping oil of the latest generation

- optional change of compression and rebound possible (shimtuning)

- Nitrogen chamber is filled and adapted on request

- and professionally assembled and function tested again.

Which products are used for the service?

Sealing kits are the heart of every service. Our service kits are not replicas of the original - we raise the bar! An example of this is the consistent use of quad rings as dynamic seals. Smacking or missing lockout function are among the most frequent service reasons for dampers - nitrogen has reached the oil chamber via the separating piston seal. If one compares an original O-ring that is frequently used with the quad ring that we use, one is not surprised.

How is the unwinding?

- Pack the spring element with a short letter describing the defect and send it to us. Important: Please give us your complete address including telephone number and e-mail address.

- On arrival we will send you a confirmation of receipt by e-mail with the current processing time.

- We carry out maintenance and functional checks

- the invoice will then be sent by mail

- Payment is possible with PayPal or bank transfer.

- after receipt of payment we send back the spring element with DHL again

Is there a guarantee?

For this service we use specially developed tuning gaskets and separating pistons with quad rings to improve performance, tightness and durability. We give 6 months warranty on function and tightness on all seals and assemblies.